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About What is my Browser

You will find the most important browsers in this overview:

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla's free Firefox is one of the most popular browsers on German computers. A high ease of use makes everyday online life easier and ensures fast, uncomplicated surfing. Mozilla Firefox attaches great importance to security. All settings regarding location queries and cookies can be individually defined. In addition, the private mode allows surfing without leaving traces on the computer. A large number of add-ons serve to considerably extend the functionality once again. Those who like to go online via different end devices such as laptops, smartphones, PCs and tablets can use the "Sync" function to keep their stored passwords and bookmarks up to date.

Google Chrome

The comparatively young browser of the search engine giant Google has since its appearance a steep success story. A fast page structure and the possibility to load additional plug-ins are among the advantages of Chrome. Of particular interest are the functions that are available to the owner of a Google account. Who logs in, can load on each terminal its individually determined attitudes. The optional incognito mode provides more security. In this setting you do not leave any data traces on the device used.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

The primary rock among browsers still enjoys great popularity, although the competition offers strong alternatives. Even without additional plugins, Internet Explorer supports all important web technologies. For a high degree of security, protection against phishing and tracking as well as a pop-up blocker are already integrated in Microsoft's Internet Explorer.


A good alternative to the more popular browsers from Microsoft, Google and Mozilla is Opera, which is based on the same open source code as Chrome. The browser was the first to offer the possibility to surf in several tabs and still convinces today with innovative features. Among other things, it is possible to use mouse gestures. With a slow Internet connection, traffic can be compressed with the "Opera Turbo" function to speed up a download or the loading of content.