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What is a screenshot?

Have you ever wondered what the print key on your keyboard does? Contrary to what you might think, it does not forward a job to the connected printer, but can be used for a screenshot. What is it all about and why you should know the function? We'll explain it to you.


A screenshot is a snapshot of the current computer screen. This is also shown in the translation, which can be "screenshot". 

Screenshots are a practical tool for various purposes. You can use these screen shots to create a tutorial for a program or simply send someone an overview of your current work. This saves you the work of exporting the desired image and only then being able to send it.

Screenshots are not only interesting for others, but also for you. So you can take a screenshot of the current state of your website and compare it with a shot in 6 months, document the disk usage the same way.

Screenshots can be made either with separate programs or by tapping the print button. With the latter option, the screenshot is saved in the clipboard. You can then go to an e-mail or a document and right-click "Paste". The captured screenshot will then be pasted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a screenshot?

In Windows, press the Print key and paste the file from the clipboard into a document. On a Mac, use the shortcut CMD, Shift and 3. The screenshot will be saved on the desktop.

How do I create a screenshot on my smartphone?

To take a screenshot under Android, you have to press the Power button and the Volume button (quieter) simultaneously. An information message on the touch screen will inform you about the recording. Under iOS you can press the Home and Power buttons. Here, the screen flickers once and you hear the typical camera sound.

What do I have to legally observe when taking a screenshot?

If you want to take a screenshot with content from videos or other copyrighted content, you should contact the author first. This demand is especially important if you plan to publish the screenshot on the web.

How should I customize a screenshot?

Once you have taken the screenshot, you can humble it with an image editing program. This is always useful if you only want to show a part of your screen. With the cropped file, the rest of the information stays with you.