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About Page Speed Checker

Page Speed is the speed of a website with regard to its loading time. The loading time is defined as the time between the sending of a request and the complete delivery of the requested content. With the great influence of page speed on the user experience, the loading time of a website is an important influencing factor on the ranking of the respective website within search engines.

Possible fields of action for increasing page speed or reducing the loading time of a website could be:

  • Reduction of HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Reduce the size of resources by compressing with gzip or deflate
  • Reduction of the response time of the server
  • Use of Browser Caching
  • Elimination of rendering blocking JavaScript and CSS resources above the fold
  • No use of redirects

To analyse and optimise the loading time, the world's leading search engine Google has published a tool that examines the structure of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, the web server's caching specifications and the integration of images: Google PageSpeed Insights. After entering any URL, it is analyzed and appropriate optimization suggestions are given.