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What does a backlink actually cost?

The trade with backlinks is flourishing. Google tries to prevent this by trying to punish the corresponding offence. But advertising costs money, and Google cannot deny that. The company itself offers text link advertising in its networks. Obvious trade should be punished accordingly. The question, however, is where obvious trading begins. In my opinion, text links can certainly be purchased for money, it should only be limited to certain backlinks per day, so it does not look artificial.

What is the maximum number of links you should buy per day?

I think you can buy one link per day for sure if you have the budget. However, it would be better to generate one or two links per week. However, you should always focus on quality. Of course, quality links cost a lot more than quick links. Especially if the links are to be booked for life, then the prices will go up. However, it is of little use if you only buy links for a short time. That would at best be promising in the short term, but in the long run it would be rather unprofessional.

What does a backlink cost?

Here the opinions of the successful SEOs are divided. Also here it depends then again and again on the quality of the link and the topic of the side. Because contested terms cost correspondingly more if you want to rent or buy the backlinks. For example, if you start from the text link marketplace Teliad, the minimum price for a text link per month is 4 USD. As an example, I calculate a price that would have to be applied to a text link on a page if the text link is to be placed for 60 years. In this case you would have to multiply 4 USD by 12 months per year. This means that the backlink costs 48 USD per year. So the text link costs 480 USD for 10 years and 2880 USD for 60 years. So it can be said that a lifelong price can easily end in the middle, four-digit range.

What should the backlink cost effectively?

This depends entirely on the provider and the discounts offered. In my opinion a link described above should cost at most 20% of the actual price. So I think that with a price of about 600 USD you would be well advised to place a lifelong link on the site. The better visited the site then is, the more can also be demanded.

Is 600 USD too much for a link?

That depends on how you look at it. Imagine, you agagieren a SEO agency and assign these 50 backlinks to generate and manage. The agency will ask you for 1.000 - 3.000 USD for such a support and help you to run the link building with corresponding reports (if you have caught a serious agency). Let's assume the least (favourable) case is 1.000 USD per month. In this case you will receive 50 backlinks and pay 1,000 x 12 x 60 = 720,000 USD for 60 years. (fictitious example) This is of course a considerable sum. Now you should divide this 720,000 USD by 50. In this respect you would pay an effective price of 14,400 USD per backlink. Even if this extends to some more links and represents the same final sum, then you pay considerably more money for the backlinks than you would do without an agency.

But quality also has its price

If, however, you would like to acquire qualitative links that will help your reputation or your fame, such links are always necessary. These are organic links that are set manually. This way you pay some extra; but agencies are also much more expensive. The whole thing is much easier. For example, you could establish contacts with other sites yourself and negotiate prices. Because the agency would like to earn something from the links. Of course, this would not be the case with links you have purchased yourself. At this point it should also be mentioned that I also offer such services for link building and would be happy to help you. References and price lists can be found in the top navigation on this page.

The absolute maximum price for a lifelong link should be around 600 Euro. But then it must be about very well ranked pages that also have a strong page rank value. The Page Rank is said to be dead, but nevertheless it is an important sales argument and can contribute to the improvement of link building. If you are interested, feel free to contact us and we will find a suitable solution for your product or service. I would be pleased.