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Query indexed pages at Google.

Which subpages of your website can be found on Google? You can use the site query to find out how many and especially which subpages of a domain can be found in the search engine index. In this way you can easily find out which pages of your domain are indexed by Google, get an overview of the entire topic spectrum of your website and filter the list / results by customized site queries.


The query of the indexed pages at Google works exactly the same as an ordinary search. The search command is simply entered into the search mask / search slot, but with the difference that the search is not for a term but for a command in combination with a domain or URL.

By entering e.g.

you get a list of all subpages and subdomains that can be found in the Google index for this URL. This listing can be filtered by adjusting the site query, so that much more targeted queries are also possible.

You want to know which images of your website are indexed by Google? No problem: The site query also works with the Google image search!

Targeted query of indexed pages
There are several ways to filter the results of a site query:

Indexed pages and subdomains on http(s) basis
This query lists all pages and subdomains of the domain.

Indexed pages and subdomains with www.
Only pages with a www. in the URL are listed.

Indexed pages of a domain without subdomains
With this query certain subdomains or www. can be excluded:

Indexed pages of parts of the website
Only pages of a certain sub-area (sub-folder, category) are listed.

Indexed pages containing a search term
Query pages that contain a specific search term in the title, text, or URL. Search term

Indexed pages that contain a search term in the URL.
Only pages that contain a specific search term in the domain are listed. inurl:Search term

Indexed pages containing a search term in the title
Only pages that contain a specific search term in the page title are listed. intitle:Search term

Indexed pages that contain a search term in the text.
Only pages that contain a specific search term in the text are listed. intext:Search term

Indexed pages with a special file extension
List of files indexed to a domain (doc, pdf, ps, xls, rtf, etc.). filetpye:pdf

Site query as a tool for SEO

In the course of search engine optimization, the site query is ideally suited for querying the status of indexing at Google and uncovering any weaknesses that may exist. In addition, it facilitates the orientation of complex structured websites.

If your website already exists over a longer period of time and the number of pages indexed by Google differs greatly from the actual number of subpages of your website, it can be assumed that there is an indexing problem - e.g. due to duplicate content. If there are many more pages indexed, it is possible that there are categories, tags, archives, etc. in the Google index that you do not want to have there. The best thing to do is to scroll through the list completely and check if there are really only useful URLs in the index. So you can see quite fast if URLs with parameters, dynamic URLs or URLs with pagination have been indexed. You will also notice URLs that were excluded from crawling by robots.txt, but still indexed.

The site query in the SEO section primarily has the task of identifying indexing vulnerabilities, determining their cause, and then fixing them. The number of indexed pages does not provide any indication of the traffic of a website. For detailed website analyses it is recommended to use SEO tools.

What role does the order of the indexed pages play?

The answer to this question comes from Matt Cuts himself: