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What exactly is source code?

Source code is also called source code and defines a general programming language that is readable and editable by humans, but from which a computer can also independently derive and interpret program functions or a specific interface. Source codes are needed, for example, on the Internet, where they define the structure, appearance and content of websites written in HTML or PHP.

What is source code needed for?

Source code plays an enormous role in computer science because it is one of the most important intersections between software and its human developers. Without information in form of a source code for the computer would be available, which can interpret and convert this without assistance, software in general and Websites in particular would not be conceivable.

How is source code created correctly?

Especially in the case of the Internet, there are some useful functions that source code can fulfill. For example, they provide additional information about the web content, its creator or its background, and automatically use and evaluate the search engine.

When creating a source code, an expert web designer should therefore always be consulted, even if there are now programs with which even laypersons can create functional source codes (so-called "WYSIWYG" editors).