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The Alexa Rank is a key figure that is determined by the company Alexa. In its analysis tools, Alexa provides its users with data on access to websites. The Alexa Rank should allow conclusions to be drawn about the popularity of a website by determining the number of visitors. It determines the 1,000,000 most visited websites and rates them on a scale from 0 to 50,000. Alexa receives the access data via browser plug-ins, which are installed on the user's pages via certain software packages and track the users.

Popularity_of_a_WebsiteIn search engine optimization, the Alexa Rank has become of secondary importance. However, it can serve as an indicator to assess the traffic on a foreign website.

Much more reliable and accurate traffic data can be found in Google Analytics - however, the Google tool only allows access to the data of your own website, but not to those of other websites. Alexa, on the other hand, offers an alternative with its analysis tools to assess the traffic on competitor sites. For example, it is also possible to compare the media data of a publisher with the Alexa Rank and thus critically question its correctness.