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How many clicks you need for good AdSense revenue

Some people earn four figures with Google AdSense, while others are satisfied with a few euros a month.

A common reason for this is the number of clicks visitors make on the AdSense ads.

How many clicks you need to get good AdSense revenue is what I'll tell you below.

How many clicks you need for good AdSense earnings

Basically it can be said that more clicks are usually better. However, only if they are "right" clicks from genuinely interested users. Google evaluates what people do when they click on AdSense ads. If these disappear again and again from the website in question, Google evaluates this as bad traffic and lowers the AdSense fee for the website from which they come.

Otherwise, the more clicks there are, the better. After all, you always get a commission when someone clicks on it. So, as with Google AdWords, it's not the number of hits that counts, but the number of clicks on the AdSense ads.

This is also the reason why smaller websites and blogs can earn good money with Google AdSense. You have to make sure that as many visitors as possible click on the ads.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to say exactly how many clicks that is. This is because each click is remunerated differently. This is what I will talk about below.

AdSense revenue example

However, we can expect an average value that is quite typical. An average of 30 cents per click is a realistic value in many industries. Of course, there are also values that are above or below, but with 30 cents you can calculate well.

In order to earn 100 USD per month with Google AdSense, the AdSense ads on our website have to be clicked about 333 times.

If we even want to earn 1,000 USD per month, around 3333 clicks are necessary.

Increase clicks on AdSense ads

That's quite a lot, even if it doesn't sound like much for larger blogs. But unfortunately not many of the visitors click on Google AdSense ads.

So what can we do to get more of our readers to click on AdSense ads? Under no circumstances should we ask them to do so. This is not allowed by Google and can quickly lead to ejection.

Instead, we should not only install the ads (e.g. via plugin), but also optimize them so that the number of clicks on them increases.

Here are a few important tips to increase the number of clicks:

  • The AdSense ads should be built directly into the main content. So not in the sidebar or the footer, where nobody notices them. Instead, directly in the actual text of the page and there as far up as possible.
  • Bigger is better. According to my experience this applies at least to AdSense ads. Instead of a relatively small 468×60 display you should try a 600×300 pixel display. The visitors simply notice it more and that increases the click rate.
  • Striking colors also make sure that the readers perceive the ads. However, it should still match the overall layout, otherwise it can be very negative.
  • In any case you should test the image ads of AdSense. In addition to the usual text ads, it can work better in some industries if you have AdSense's graphic banners switched on.
  • Google has removed the limit for AdSense ads per page. You shouldn't overdo it now, but a second AdSense ad can be installed in any case.
  • Google has long enabled responsive ads that adapt to the screen size. I only use these ads, because the AdSense ads are also displayed neatly on the smartphone.
  • It's also worth reducing distractions. By installing fewer other links, ads or whatever, the probability of visitors clicking on the AdSense ad increases.
  • And, of course, more traffic helps. Experience has shown that the click rate remains the same as the number of visitors increases. If, for example, there are 100 clicks with 10,000 visitors, then there are around 200 clicks with 20,000 visitors.

More factors for higher AdSense revenues

But the bottom line is that it's not the clicks that count, it's the revenue. Therefore you should not only increase the number of clicks, but also work on the other factors that influence the AdSense revenue.

This is on the one hand the remuneration per click, which can deviate more or less strongly from the 30 cents mentioned above. For many who complain about low AdSense revenues, this is one of the main reasons. If there is on average only 5 cents per click, then you can double or triple the number of clicks, it won't be so much more.

The click prices depend strongly on the topic. There are simply lucrative themes where there are many advertisers who are also willing to pay high amounts per click. I've had good experiences with hosting, for example. In my hosting blog, the average AdSense click rate is just under one euro.

With the 333 clicks mentioned above I would earn just over 300 Euro. That is already clearly more than the 100 euro with 30 cent average click reimbursement.

Of course also the search volume is important. What brings an average click price of one euro, if per month only 1,000 people search for the topic. Then one will not earn also so much. Choose popular topics for your articles, for example.

And also the target group itself is not unimportant. For example, I've found that Internet users (i.e. users who know the Internet very well) click on AdSense less often than others.

When it comes to increasing AdSense revenues, you can turn the knobs and that's what you should do. So you can multiply the revenues.

AdSense income example:

Here again the initial example with not quite so good values:

0.30 cents per click * 0.5% click rate * 20,000 visitors = 30 cents/month

If one increases all 3 factors a little, then this can lead to clearly higher incomes:

0.50 cents per click * 0.8% click rate * 30,000 visitors = 120 USD/month

The revenues have quadrupled due to the slight improvements!

Calculate your income yourself

As you can see, the answer to the question of how many clicks you need for good AdSense revenue is unfortunately not that easy to answer. There are just too many factors that affect revenue.

However, it is also clear that in most cases you need three-digit click numbers to achieve halfway reasonable revenues. Who wants to live from Google AdSense, usually needs a good four-digit number of clicks per month.

If you want to estimate how high the AdSense revenue of a planned website could be, I recommend my AdSense calculator. Here you have to enter some data and you will get an estimate how high your AdSense earnings could be.

Are you satisfied with your AdSense earnings?

Finally, I would like to know if you are satisfied with your AdSense earnings or not. And if not, which of the factors mentioned is the main problem with you.

In my AdSense calculator, you can calculate how much revenue you'll make with it.

15 Google AdSense Tips for More Clicks and Higher Click Prices

Following my AdSense article from yesterday, a few collected tricks and tips for Google AdSense follow today.

Again, I'd like to point out that these tips aren't miracle cures and work anytime, anywhere. You always have to test them first and if necessary find the right ones for you.

If you have further tips, then I would be happy if you write them in the comments.

Google AdSense Tips

Do not hide AdSense in column
AdSense advertising is not paid according to views, but according to clicks. It is therefore important that as many visitors as possible are aware of the ads.

So don't hide your AdSense blocks on the right or bottom, but insert the code where it is seen. At the beginning and at the end of contributions always worked well with me.

first ad with highest click prices
According to Google, the ads with the highest click prices are placed in the first AdSense block in the code.

This block should be the most prominently placed AdSense block and not hidden somewhere on the right side of the column.

AdSense in content
The installation of AdSense blocks in the middle of posts has always worked very well for me. You can do this by hand with the plugin "AdSense-Deluxe".

I use the current plugin Simple Ads Manager for this, because you simply have more control over the position by hand.

Up to 3 AdSense ads
Google allows up to 3 AdSense text ad blocks per page. If you have enough text in your posts, you should use this and place one ad at the beginning, middle and end of each post.

If you have only short news articles, you should not annoy your readers and only install 2 or one AdSense block.

Link color
For most blogs and websites, Blue will work best for the AdSense links. Blue is the learned link color for "normal" Internet users.

AdSense Templates
The AdSense templates provided by Google are not recommended. Try to match the ads to the layout of your blog or website so that the AdSense blocks are not visible from the corner of your eye.

1 article = one topic
Limit yourself to one topic per post. The more focused the article is, the more suitable the AdSense ads will be.

Limit analysis area
In this context it is also important to narrow down the analysis area of the page for the Google AdSense crawler.

With the commands

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
Google is told that only the text in between is decisive for the ads.

You can either do this yourself in your WordPress theme or use the WordPress plug-in wpSEO*, for example, which automatically sets these tags before and after the article text.

block bad ads
Not all ads in Google AdSense blocks are really serious. Therefore, you should consider filtering out certain ad domains.

There is an option for this in the Google AdSense account. You can find a list with dubious ads here, but I only blocked a part of it. You have to check this yourself, if you block all these URLs.

Many bloggers, including myself, have noticed that this filtering has also increased click prices. So it's worth "cleaning up" here.

Watch ads
You should also watch the ads on your previous articles. Are there many different ads or do they repeat themselves more often? Or do 1 or 2 ads appear in a block of 4 ads?

This can mean that there are hardly any advertisers on this topic/keywords. So rather rely on article topics and keywords that bring more ads and thus more competition and higher click prices.

Use ad channels
It is very important to use one channel for each ad. This simply means that you can see the statistics in the Google AdSense account for each channel and therefore for each ad separately. Otherwise a comparison of the individual ads is hardly possible.

Text ads are more effective than image ads
Most bloggers report that they have significantly more clicks on text ads than on AdSense image ads.
I can only confirm that. So make sure you click "Text ads only" when you create your ads.

If someone else has made experiences, then I am glad about a comment.

More traffic = more clicks ?
More traffic is of course something good. If you manage to maintain the click rate, then of course the clicks on AdSense will also increase.

However, traffic is not equal to traffic. If you blog about popular and (I say) adult topics, then you surely get a lot of traffic, but your own click prices (and certainly the reputation of your own blog) suffer.

Basically more traffic is also good for the AdSense revenue.

AdSense ads immediately visible
Again, this falls under the heading of "Do not hide advertising". If the first AdSense block is visible immediately after loading the page, this will also answer the click chances.

As few other links as possible
I have noticed this myself. The more other links available, the lower the click rate of the AdSense ads.

Before I had my new layout, my CTR was almost twice as high as it is now. Now I have significantly more links above and visitors with it more alternatives.

So called "AdSense-Themes" are optimized to have as few links as possible in the header.
The visitor should perceive the AdSense links as first as possible.

So that was the list with my AdSense tips. Probably I forgot 1 or 2, but I'll pass them on if you come back to me :-)